The Unit’s Aims

  • Prevent and eliminate sexual harassment and assault,
  • Contribute to the creation of a research, education and work environment that is based on mutual respect and free from any kind of sexual harassment and assault,
  • Work on eliminating the sexist culture,
  • Raise awareness on gender equality and on prevention of all sorts of violence and discrimination based on sex, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity,
  • Educate the University units and University members on subjects of sexual harassment and assault,
  • Create an efficient application mechanism for complaints of sexual harassment and assault,
  • Support and empower the applicant,
  • Ensure that the applicants are protected, they can report in safety the instances and incidents they have experienced or are experiencing or have witnessed, and are encouraged as to stop unwanted sexual conducts.


The Unit’s Activities

  • Organizes trainings, publicity, and similar events to raise awareness and sensitivity regarding sexual harassment and assault.
  • Conducts research, carries out projects and publishes on the topics of sexual harassment and assault in cooperation with other units of the University in order to enhance the Unit’s work.
  • Collaborates with domestic and international public and private institutions, non-governmental organizations and independent researchers and constitutes platforms with them or takes part in the existing platforms in order to work on the issues of sexual harassment and assault.
  • Receives the applications of sexual harassment and assault, informs the applicants about the support mechanisms and remedies within and outside of the University, carries out the required referrals.
  • Identifies the support that could be provided in accordance with the applicants’ needs and demands and cooperates with the respective units of the University in that regard.
  • Follows up on the emergency measures taken pursuant to Article 16 of this Directive in cases of emergency.
  • Administers the creation of a website for the Unit, that is accessible and up to date, where the applications are taken and the necessary information and documents are shared regarding the topics of sexual harassment and assault and the Unit.
  • Works on improving the physical conditions of the University so as to prevent sexual harassment and assault.
  • Prepares and presents reports, submits opinions and provides expertise on the issues of sexual harassment and assault in internal transactions of the University.