Istanbul Bilgi University Directive of Unit for The Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Assault

The aim of this Directive is to regulate the structure, duties and codes of practice of the Unit for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Assault which is tasked with creating an environment of academic research, education and work at Istanbul Bilgi University that is free from any kind of sexual harassment and assault based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis of discrimination or any other reason.


Istanbul Bilgi University Policy Statement on The Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Assault

With this Statement, Istanbul Bilgi University guarantees that sexual harassment and assault shall not be overlooked under any circumstance. The University releases to the public that it is ready and determined to encourage people who believe they have been subject to or witness of sexual harassment or assault to take the necessary steps for application, to increase awareness of the members of the University regarding sexual harassment and assault, and to strive to prevent such incidents and run an effective support and empowerment mechanism in the case of such applications.